Rock Creek Women’s Institute Monthly Meeting

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The Rock Creek WI is a group of women residing in Rock Creek, Midway and surrounding areas. We gather monthly to exchange educational information about agriculture, home making, crafting, health care and happenings in our community, province and country.  Although our mandate is serious, we equally value the camaraderie, laughter and support that comes with being a diverse group of women sharing our knowledge, skills and interests.
We welcome anyone to join us for a meeting! The Rock Creek WI has served the Boundary Community for over 100 years!

To give you a bit more information about The Women’s Institute in general, and the Kettle River District in particular, read on.

British Columbia Women’s Institute is one of the greatest educational tools available to all women. What other organization is so diversified? BCWI supports women locally, provincially, and federally as well as world-wide. Branches can be found throughout the Province from Vancouver Island to the Peace River. Members are concerned about buying local thus preserving our agricultural land for food sustainability. Besides this, the members support their communities by: organizing local events, teaching home skills, raising funds for BC Children’s Hospital and Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island (formerly Queen Alexander Hospital), donating items to hospitals, transition houses and families in need. This is just the tip of the iceberg; there is so much more that BCWI members do for their communities.

Locally, the Kettle River District WI is comprised of the Bridesville WI, the Main River WI (Westbridge area), the Rock Creek WI, and the Sunshine Valley WI (Grand Forks area). All are active groups within their communities, providing countless hours of dedicated service. To read more, or to join one of the local Women’s Institute groups and become more involved with your local community, click here.