RDKB News Release: New Emergency Alerting System Voyent Alert!


Trail, BC

April 10, 2019

9:00 a.m. PT

RDKB launches new emergency alerting system

–Residents can register for emergency alerts delivered by smartphone app, email and voice or text

to landline or cell.

View on the RDKB website: https://rdkb.com/newsreleases.aspx


The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary has launched a new emergency alerting system

powered by Voyent Alert! —a Canada-based notification service designed specifically for

small to medium sized municipalities and regional governments. Residents and visitors who

register for alerts will receive critical information about floods, wildfires or other emergencies

in the region.

“Our new emergency alerting system is a great addition to our Emergency Operations Centre

and will allow EOC staff to provide critical life-safety information to anyone who registers.

The emergency alerting system is another way for people to be personally prepared for

emergencies and complements a grab and go kit, 72-hour kit, and a household preparedness

plan.” said Mark Stephens, Interim Emergency Program Manager at the RDKB.

Anyone who registers for the RDKB Emergency Alerting System will receive information such

as the distance and direction from an incident, and preferred evacuation routes from

locations the subscriber chooses. The service also allows registrants to create and set multiple

locations such as “Kids’ School” or “Mom’s House.” Communication about life-safety events

related to those locations will then be sent to registrants through the Voyent Alert!

smartphone app or whatever communication method they select in the system.

Those who don’t use the smartphone app can receive emergency alerts by text/SMS, email or

phone call to cell or landline. The system’s smart alerting capabilities ensure that registrants

will only get notified when information is relevant to them or to one of the locations they

have set when they register.

Registration for the service is free, straightforward and anonymous. Residents can cancel their

registration or change their settings at any time. The RDKB will also continue to use handdelivered

paper notifications for evacuation orders and for some evacuation alerts.

“We know fast and effective communication is one of the greatest challenges in emergency

response, and our new emergency alerting system is one more step the RDKB is taking to be

responsive to the needs of our residents and businesses during emergencies. But, it can’t help you

unless you sign yourself up, so please find two minutes in your day and register!” said Roly Russell,

RDKB Board Chair.

Mobile app users can download and install the Voyent Alert! app from the Apple App or

Google Play stores. Email, SMS or voice dial users can register online to receive email, voice or textbased

alerts at https://register.voyent-alert.com.

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